[Book Review] The Innocent Killer: How far would the State go?

In October, I watched a Netflix documentary, Making a Murderer Part 2. I am only left with anger and fueled with rage- the rage of injustice and unconstitutional treatment!

The Innocent Killer by Michael Griesbach

Part 1 documentary gives the audience a rather clear idea regarding the Halbach case- namely how did it happen, how did the state prosecute the same person after exonerated him. Part 2 of the documentary tells you what had happened after the post-conviction. Lawyers of both Brendon Dassey and Steven Avery tried the best to get them both out of the jail. Theories on police conspiracy, flawed forensic evidence, violation of attorney’s conduct, violation of constitutional right, to name a few, are some of the elements make this case seemingly joking. And, this book tells you what was it like for Steven Avery to be convicted a crime he did not do and went to jail for 18 years prior to the Halbach case. With the help of DNA and the ADA-also the author of this book, they got Steven exonerated after 18 years in the prison for something that he did not do. If you got to read through what Steve had gone through and that extra a mile the police/court was trying to do to keep him stay in prison in the late 90s, you can almost observe the same pattern of the route is going down. Just this time, the state will make sure SA and BD don’t get out easily.

From the recording during the trials and the judges’ opinions, there is bias in some of the judges and the court. Also, the ethics and conducts of both the prosecutor and the sheriffs are questionable. The chain of custody is problematic. The samples and the reading of the forensic tests are not making any sense. Series of questions surfaced- how just is the justice system? What is justice? What is the best closure for the affected family- finding the real offender or just put someone behind bar even knowing that is wrong? How far is the state willing to go and reform the unjust? Is the state even willing to admit they did continuously harm both of the families, even they knew there is a “Denny”? The question now is would the State stop using the tragedy of the Halbach family as a mean and admit they had failed the Averys again.