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When your passion is death-related, you often get asked about your own story, in hope of explaining the slightly spooky and creepy love for bones and skeletons, errr… may be decomposition as well (Maggots! *wink wink*).

I was always a detective fiction readers when I was just a little girl. I also was fascinated by the human anatomy simultaneously. I did want to be a Medical Examiner at some point! Yet, I started thinking I would not be after high school. Life had never been that lost, thus led me to Philosophy!

Lucky, thanks to my persistence, I still have not lost my amazement at the human body thereafter. Fast forward few years, at the end of my days in philosophy, I developed a strong interest in biological anthropology. I am fascinated by how the human body grows and develops, how it remodels after trauma, how it holds signs of our activities when we were alive. I realized, there is this one element in our body witnesses all those, and no one is studying them sufficiently: bones!

I am undergoing my training in Forensic Sciences (Human Remains- Forensic Anthropology and Forensic Archaeology). In between the years, I interned in the Miam-Dade County Medical Examiner Office, conducted bioarchaeology research with a collection in University of Warsaw, and in Cyprus. Lately, I have also been on board the  Timor-Leste Police Force for a Human Identification project.

My research tries to answer the trauma patterns on both upper and lower limbs of the modern population in Cyprus. This work blends anthropological theory, osteology, and (may be) biochemical analysis. This is my personal blog, solely for expressing my opinions, and as such, does not reflect the opinions of my affiliated institutions, all the fluffy kittens and bunnies I encountered, or all the fake skeletons I collected.

My educational background includes training in Philosophy (BA Departmental Honor, University of Oregon)-not bones related for sure, but I am proud and still in love with it , (Cultural) Anthropology (MA, CUHK) and currently in Forensic Sciences -F. Anth and F. Arch, (MSc, University of Leicester). You can find more about me and my work using: