Forensics Daily

*I am starting this Q&A Session today, as I figure a lot of people (my beloved friends and family) do not actually know what am I doing and studying. This Daily session should give you some basic ideas. Feel free to interact below 🙂 *

Q: what is a forensic anthropology?
A: forensic anthropology is an applied anthropology that making use of the knowledge from biological anthropology (mostly), archaeology, cultural anthropology in a legal context. We give positive identification and biological profile, includes sex, age, ancestry, and stature from studying the human bones/ remains. To fit in the forensic context, remains have to be within 50 years of time, or else it will be an archaeological event instead. Forensic anthropologist usually deal with advanced decomposing bodies (which means super bad odor) and/or nearly entirely skeletonized remains. The physical differences (we called it dimorphism features)based on the biological adaptations and cultural contexts as the rulers.

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