You know what’s awesome?  Research.  You know what’s not awesome?  Not being able to get access to research because it’s stuck behind a paywall and you don’t belong to an institution/your institution doesn’t subscribe to that particular journal.


Here is a list of free, open access materials on a variety of subjects.  Feel free to add if you like!


Directory of Open Access Journals– A compendium of over 9000 journals from 133 countries, multilingual and multidisciplinary.

Directory of Open Access Books– Like the above, but for ebooks.  Also multidisciplinary.

Ubiquity Press– Journals covering archaeology, comics scholarship, museum studies, psychology, history, international development, and more.  Also publishes open access ebooks on a wide variety of subjects.

Europeana–  Digital library about the history and culture of Europe.

Digital Public Library of America– American history, culture, economics, SO MUCH AMERICA.

Internet Archive– In addition to books, they have music and videos, too.  Free!  And legal!  They also have the Wayback Machine, which lets you see webpages as they looked at a particular time.

College and Research Libraries– Library science and information studies.  Because that’s what I do.

Library of Congress Digital Collections– American history and culture, historic newspapers, sound recordings, photographs, and a ton of other neat stuff.

LSE Digital Library– London history, women’s history.

Wiley Open Access– Science things!  Neurology, medicine, chemistry, ecology, engineering, food science, biology, psychology, veterinary medicine.

SpringerOpen–  Mainly STEM journals, looooong list.

Elsevier Open Access–  Elsevier’s kind of the devil but you might as well take advantage of this.  Mainly STEM, also a linguistics journal and a medical journal in Spanish.

Also, remember — there is a wide world of researchers out there, most of whom don’t give two figs about paywalls. Let people know what you’re having trouble accessing, and you’d be surprised how quickly a copy will find its way to your inbox. And if you do belong to an institution with a library, check out their interlibrary loan system, which is a more official way of getting things from behind a paywall at no cost to you.

everyone should know this awesome site

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